Whether they visit a store, catering establishment, or other public facility, consumers want to have an experience. Environmental factors make the difference in the experience of customers and visitors. These determine whether they stay longer, purchase more, have something to eat or drink, and – more importantly – whether they’ll come back more often. The senses should be stimulated in a subtle manner. Not in an overwhelming way, but like good music: if it’s not there, people will miss it! In 2005, DDJ Media started ‘serving’ the right music for the right occasion at the right time. We still pursue this philosophy; in 2012, we expanded to include image as well as the latest means of communication in order to positively influence consumers. The mission of DDJ Media is to ‘contribute to the experience of the customer in each company in a positive manner, making him or her feel inspired, stay longer, and, of course, come back.’ This is what drives us, and we consider it a challenge to provide you with information through digital media more often – starting with this new website, from Music to Media!